Put to Work Our Expertise as a Manufacturer’s Representative

As a manufacturer’s representative, we are dedicated to keeping in constant touch with our client companies so we can explain in depth the features and benefits of the products we represent. You can also count on us to address any questions as well as negotiate the best rates.

Like any other business, your goal must be to reduce operational costs as you boost your sales. With the help of Vertical Plane, we can help you accomplish that through implementing proven-effective production strategies.

Why Choose Us?

Having been business for more than 10 years, Vertical Plane brings to the table our solid expertise in representing premier manufacturers. Our competent team has a proven track record in serving diverse industries, such as powdered metal, oil and gas, mining and automotive. We are here to assist your company, from the project inception to the production phase.

For our client’s convenience, we offer two compensation options, either fee-based or commission-based.

About the Founder

After spending more than 30 years in the powder metallurgy (PM) industry and holding pivotal roles as a design engineer, general manager, and CEO, Richard Spurlock decided to establish his own manufacturer’s representative firm in The Woodlands, TX – Vertical Plane.

Mr. Spurlock’s impressive track record of success includes acquiring and gaining new businesses in both local and international spheres. He had also worked with various companies, spearheading efforts on cost reduction and increased recorded profits through the implementation of lean manufacturing and just-in-time (JIT) production strategies year after year.